How IndyCar is managing interest from new teams

While F1 is working to keep new entrants out, there are teams lining up to join IndyCar -- and the American open-wheel series is welcoming them with open arms.

Will anyone end Ganassi, Penske IndyCar dominance in 2024?

The 2024 IndyCar season has yet to begin, but if the past decade is any indicator, we already know who the champion will drive for: Ganassi or Penske.

IndyCar is going hybrid, but is it better to wait for 2025?

In the middle of 2024, IndyCar will debut its new hybrid powertrains, but might that midseason introduction lesson the impact of this seismic shift?

Will Andretti exit rejuvenate Grosjean's IndyCar career?

Romain Grosjean came to IndyCar a hero, but after going winless in three years, the former F1 favorite needs a big 2024 to save his open-wheel career.