Palo Alto, CA – In a stunning turn of events, the Stanford Cardinal football team suffered a 30-23 defeat at the hands of Sacramento State, a lower division FCS Big Sky Conference member, on Saturday, September 16, 2023. The loss marked a disappointing start to the tenure of Head Coach Troy Taylor, who was hired from Sac State late last year.

Coach Taylor’s return to the field to face a team he once called his turned out to be a bitter one as the Hornets, led by their quarterback Kaiden Bennett, handed Stanford their first loss to an FCS program since 2005. Bennett’s heroics included a game-winning 49-yard touchdown pass with just 1:32 left on the clock, leaving the Cardinal stunned and their fans in disbelief.

The matchup was eagerly anticipated as it pitted Taylor against many of the players he had recruited and developed during his time in Sacramento. However, it was the Hornets who emerged victorious, causing concern for Stanford’s prospects going forward in the 2023 season.

Stanford’s schedule offers no respite, with all but one of their remaining opponents ranked in the Top 25. Their only hope for a reprieve seems to lie in the traditional “Big Game” against Cal, who currently remains unranked. However, as the old adage goes, “anything can happen in a rivalry game.”

One of the glaring issues for Stanford in this loss was their performance on both sides of the ball. On offense, the quarterback position remains unsettled, the offensive line has yet to find its rhythm, and the running back depth chart is a cause for concern. On the defensive side, the secondary looked inexperienced and potentially sluggish, the linebackers struggled in both the flats and zone coverage, and the Cardinal defense appeared helpless against dual-threat quarterbacks like Bennett.

Talent and depth are emerging as critical concerns for the Cardinal as they navigate a challenging schedule. Coach Taylor will need to address these issues swiftly if Stanford hopes to remain competitive in the coming weeks.

Beyond the struggles on the field, Stanford faces a significant shift in its football future as the university prepares to exit the Pac-12 conference and join the ACC next year. Conference realignment and membership changes loom large on the horizon, adding another layer of complexity to the challenges facing the Cardinal.

The loss to the Hornets serves as a wake-up call for Stanford and their faithful fanbase, of which it seemed perhaps only half were on hand on Saturday. Attendance was listed as 23,848, or 47% capacity. Coach Taylor and his team have their work cut out for them as they aim to rebound from this early-season setback and prove they can compete in a formidable football landscape.

As the 2023 season unfolds, all eyes will be on Stanford, watching closely to see how they respond to adversity and what the future holds for this storied program.

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