San Jose, CA – The San Jose Earthquakes have been shaking things up during the 2023 season. With a blend of promising young talent and experienced players, they remain on a mission to secure a playoff spot in the highly competitive Western Conference. One of the driving forces behind the Earthquakes’ success has been the dynamic duo of Cristian Espinoza and Cade Cowell. Espinoza, an Argentine winger known for his relentlessly fast play and precise crosses, has been a vital playmaker for the team. His ability to create scoring opportunities and deliver pinpoint assists has made him a fan favorite and a legitimate all-star.

On the other side of the pitch, young American forward Cade Cowell has been the breakout talent of the season. His lightning-quick dribbling and composure in front of the goal have made him a rising star in MLS, and he has successfully captured the attention of several European clubs. Cowell’s incredible work ethic and fearless approach have contributed significantly to the Earthquakes’ offensive firepower.

On the sidelines, Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez has been instrumental in molding the team’s identity and fostering a winning mentality. Gonzalez, known for his tactical acumen and commitment to developing young talent, has brought a fresh perspective to the club. His ability to blend experienced players with emerging stars like Cowell has been a key factor in the team’s improved performance.

Not to be neglected for their contributions, the Earthquakes’ loyal fan bases, the “Ultras” and the “Seismic Union,” have transformed PayPal Park into a hostile fortress. With their passionate chants and unwavering support, the atmosphere in the stadium is electric on both ends. The players feed off this energy, and that makes every home match a daunting task for the visitors. The crowd’s fervor has undoubtedly played a role in the Earthquakes’ resurgence this season.

The Earthquakes currently find themselves in a competitive battle to get above the line in the Western Conference. With 36 points, tied with a Minnesota United club they just tied last weekend, yet sitting one place below at number eight, the Quakes remain on the outside looking in as the final stretch of the season plays out. They play on the road at Audi Field in Washington, D.C. against a DC United club that finds themselves in a similar situation, being currently in ninth place in the Eastern Conference. For both clubs, the upcoming match on September 9 is a must-win. With only seven matches remaining, most if not all of which are against clubs standing higher in the table, every point counts.

To secure a spot in the MLS playoffs, the Earthquakes will need to improve their current form and increase their consistency. The road to the playoffs is challenging, and the Quakes must focus on solidifying their defense, maintaining their attacking prowess, and continuing to develop depth and talent. The leadership of Coach Gonzalez will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in navigating this path.

As the season winds down, the Earthquakes host Real Salt Lake, currently fourth in the west, then travel to Portland to challenge a Timbers squad below them in the table, but whose home, Providence Park, is among the most difficult to come away with a win. The Quakes then host Nashville, who not only sits above the line in the east, but who recently played well in the Leagues Cup final and then traveled to tie the same Messi-powered Inter-Miami club who beat them at home in the cup final. After that, the Quakes travel to Minnesota for a rematch with the club they just tied at home in San Jose. They round out the season at Dallas, and then complete by hosting Austin. Both of those clubs are currently sitting right behind the Quakes in the table, and both are fighting for a chance at the playoffs.

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