Bay FC: The Newest Name in Women's Pro Soccer

San Jose, CA – The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) has welcomed its latest addition to the roster with the inception of Bay FC, and it's already making waves both on and off the pitch. This new club, based in San Jose, brings with it a blend of talent, ambition, and a commitment to promoting women's soccer like never before.

Bay FC has quickly emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the NWSL, boasting a lineup of top-tier players from around the globe. In fact, the club broke the women’s soccer transfer world record by paying a staggering fee for its biggest star. Zambia forward Racheal Kundananji was acquired from Madrid CFF for a record-breaking $789,000 transfer fee, along with an additional $75,000 in performance-based add-ons. Observing her performance on the pitch, she’s worth every penny and then some.

At the helm is Head Coach Albertin Montoya, whose decades of experience and dedication to player development have already begun to yield impressive results. Under her guidance, Bay FC has cultivated a style of play that is both dynamic and relentless. The women never give up.

Being the newest addition to the league, Bay FC has wasted no time in making its mark on the pitch. While a streaky win-loss record has yet to allow the club to establish itself as a formidable contender for the NWSL title, it’s clear they can challenge any opponent to the final whistle. Sure, the current record of 2-0-7, along with having lost the last five straight, paints a concerning picture. However, this team is just getting started, and while they lost their most recent match versus the Orlando Pride on the road in Florida on May 11, they only lost 0-1. Moreover, that was a penalty kick score logged by Orlando’s Adriana. Bay FC never conceded a point during regular match play. Furthermore, goalkeeper Katlyn Rowland had an amazing career day logging nine saves. They had a chance to equalize in the second half (62’), but came up short.

One thing is clear, Bay FC continues to improve. Their resilience and relentless style is a testament to the thriving soccer culture that permeates the Bay Area. Having a passionate fanbase and a wealth of grassroots support, the region has long been a hotbed for soccer talent, and the club is coming together to capitalize. It will take some time, ,but they’re on the brink of breaking out.

Notably, Bay FC's impact also extends beyond the pitch. As a beacon of empowerment, the club serves as an inspiration to young athletes throughout the Bay Area and beyond. By promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion both on and off the pitch, Bay FC is helping to pave the way for the next generation of women's soccer stars.

The future looks bright for the Bay Area's newest pro club. With a talented roster, a winning mentality, and an unwavering commitment to promoting the beautiful game, Bay FC is poised to leave an indelible mark on the NWSL and inspire generations of soccer players to come. The club returns home to PayPal Park in San Jose, California to compete against their in-state rival, San Diego’s Wave FC. Kickoff is at 7:30 PM pacific. Don’t be surprised if Bay FC logs a win.

Ahsan Awan has been covering sports for over a decade, and has been covering professional soccer since 2014. All images taken by Ahsan Awan for American Presswire and ©2024 Ahsan Awan for American Presswire subject to unlimited use under license unless otherwise noted. Ahsan Awan can be found on X as @quackarazzi and on Instagram as @quackarazzi.

Timbers, Thorns Define Portland Sports Culture

PORTLAND – Portland, Oregon – The Rose City – is home to many things. Some say it’s where you can find the best craft beer and the greatest assortment of food trucks anywhere in the world. Many are quick to identify Portland as home to some of the world’s most influential corporations such as Nike and Intel. However, anyone who knows Portland also knows it’s a passionate sports town. From the NBA’s Trailblazers to MiLB’s Hillsboro Hops, NCAA sports at the University of Portland, Portland State University, Lewis & Clark University, nearby Salem’s Willamette University, or major statewide powers The University of Oregon and Oregon State University, people of all kinds of sports allegiance live in or around Portland.

However, there’s another kind of very special and incredibly passionate fan in Oregon, and especially in Portland, and that is the professional soccer fan. MLS’s Portland Timbers FC and the NWSL’s Portland Thorns are without a doubt Portland’s most popular professional sports teams. Their shared home, Providence Park, is an amazing venue in part due to its location and structural uniqueness, but also because the legions of passionate fans who attend the matches are unwavering in their support.

Nowhere in North American professional sports of any kind will you find a more passionate fanbase. Nowhere else in North America will you find such grand displays of loyalty. From massive tifos to seemingly never-ending songs and chants, the fans in Portland, and at Providence Park in particular, never disappoint. The Timbers Army is one of the finest support groups in all of sport. The Thorns side Riveters are equally extraordinary. In fact, the Rose City Riveters are without a doubt the greatest support group in all of women’s sports, professional or otherwise.

The Portland Timbers are currently one back below the redline, in eighth place with 24 points, only 2 points behind division rival San Jose. They compete at Seattle today in a match where a win moves the club up over the line. The western conference leading Sounders will surely prove difficult to defeat in their own home. For what it’s worth, San Jose hosts the Colorado Rapids, currently in third place in the western conference, on September 4, so the fight to stay above the redline could go on for some time. Nevertheless, the Timbers must win if they want to get into the playoffs.

The Portland Thorns present a different story. They’re the league leader. They’re in first place with a 5-point margin. They also compete tomorrow. With a relatively light 3-match September, and a moderate 5-match October, it’s likely impossible to keep the Thorns out of the playoffs. Furthermore, given just how good they are, odds favor the Thorns making a strong championship run. Their 10-match streak without a loss goes back to late June.

What are the odds that Portland becomes home to both 2021 MLS and NWSL champions? At this point, that’s tough to say; however, it very well may not be worth betting against. If you ask the fans of either of these clubs, many of whom are the same, they’ll tell you – no – they’ll show you! Experience either a Timbers or Thorns match in Portland and you’ll know the answer. You’ll know the odds.  No matter what they are, you’ll feel the passion, commitment and love this city and its people have for these clubs. Have a look.

The Portland Timbers host the Colorado Rapids on Wednesday, September 15 at Providence Park. Kickoff is currently scheduled for 7pm PST. The Portland Thorns host the Washington Spirit on Saturday, September 4 at Providence Park. Kickoff is currently scheduled for 7:30pm PST.

Ahsan Awan has been covering sports for over a decade, including professional soccer and MLS since 2014. All images taken by Richard Kolbell for American Presswire and ©2021 Richard Kolbell for American Presswire subject to unlimited use under license unless otherwise noted. Ahsan Awan can be found on Twitter as @quackarazzi and on Instagram as @quackarazzi. Richard Kolbell can be found on Twitter as @bokoripa and on Instagram as @richardkolbell.