AMERICAN PRESSWIRE provides digital images from live events to news media. Clients can identify and license images from events they wish to provide coverage of. Select key images are made available for open viewing, and back end libraries contain hundreds of images from select events.

Through our website, AMERICAN PRESSWIRE clients can identify, license, and have access to images on either a per picture of subscription basis. Clients can request edited or unedited JPG or RAW files.

AMERICAN PRESSWIRE also offers image research services that enable clients to make special requests for assets that our content team can explore and identify in our online and offline archives.


AMERICAN PRESSWIRE photographers can be commissioned for special assignments. Requests can be made through our website or through existing client relationship managers.


AMERICAN PRESSWIRE accepts submissions for consignment from select photographers and media outlets.  These individuals and enterprises undergo rigorous screening, and every image submitted is subject to thorough review.


AMERICAN PRESSWIRE actively represents photographers and media outlets from around the world. People and organizations seeking representation undergo thorough screening and content review.